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Contemporary Living in Historic Spaces

FRIZ BnB & Lounge is a remarkable concept offering a number of holiday apartments in a converted listed barn on the edge of Freiburg in the middle of the Black Forest. The apartments are self-catering with fully equipped kitchens and spacious bathrooms, perfectly suited for couples and families aiming for a weekend break or an extended stay for several weeks. FRIZ opened up its doors early 2017.

The concept merges historic building materials, such as truss walls, old beams and quarry stones with modern exposed concrete. The building’s spaces were decorated using collectible furniture objects, contemporary art and other unusual, characterful pieces or objets trouvés. Most objects have been collected and compiled by the hosts Ron and Melanie during years spent abroad or through their passion to collect.

The building, former stables of the farming estate „zum Pflughof“, was erected in 1843, declared listed in 1980 and converted in 2017 to comprise seven apartments, ranging from 40 sqm (one bedroom) up to 120 sqm (three bedrooms). Five apartments are located on the ground floor along an elevated, elongated garden.

The FRIZ Lounge, located at the front of the building, is a space with multiple faces. On the one hand it’s a small trendy café, where regular guests enjoy espresso from a 1963 Faema E61 and homemade chocolate cake. At the same time the space functions as a gallery for art and objects, mid-century furniture and shop. As such it offers original, collectible furniture pieces and objects with patina (never without!), such as a KNOLL Barcelona, an EAMES Fibreglass Rope Chair 1951, a Braakman Wire Chair, an old street light from Sweden converted to a floor lamp or an old 1935 toy race car pressed from a single plate of steel by JEP (for kids to play with).